England – 3/12/2012 – Even more people can study for courses that can assist their career progression, thanks to the launching of new courses by Australian providers of distance courses ‘Career FAQs’.

Many visitors to the Career FAQs website can find much there to assist them in pursuing their career and education goals. They can, for example, find a wealth of practical career information, as well as listings for and access to hundreds of distance education and online courses. However, the offering of this highly reputable Australian website, which was initially set up in 2005 to address a pressing need for quality Australian career and educational resources, is now becoming even better, thanks to ‘Career FAQs’ launching several new distance education and online courses.

There are many people who might never have considered distance or online learning a decent alternative to on-campus learning. However, the distance education and online courses available through the ‘Career FAQs website could convince them otherwise. Indeed, these courses include hundreds of accredited online courses and are provided by reputable Australian educational institutions; plus, the new courses being launched by ‘Career FAQs’ can only add to this offering.

An impressive variety of courses are available via ‘Career FAQs’

The hundreds of courses available through the ‘Career FAQs’ website fall into many different categories of subjects, ranging from mainstream subjects like the arts, business, IT, and science to more obscure subjects like architecture, aviation, criminology, and sports management. Furthermore, all of these courses, including the new ones currently being launched by ‘Career FAQs’, are courtesy of leading Australian universities and colleges – so people studying for these courses can receive a very high standard of education through them.

A ‘Career FAQs spokesperson stated: “Our impressive choice of online courses includes certificates, diplomas, short courses, bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and doctorates. Plus, thanks to the new distance education and online courses that we are launching, our offering will only become better. We eagerly anticipate helping a great number and variety of people to benefit from courses available through the ‘Career FAQs’ website.”

Should, in Australia, the use of the World Wide Web (WWW) further rise and word spread about the quality of the new distance education and online courses available via the ‘Career FAQs’ website, then that website could, as a result, see a great rise in visitor numbers over the approaching years.

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