England – 10/01/2012 People love downloading handy apps for their phones and tablets now they are getting into Facebook Applications too

The latest way to get more out of Facebook is downloading and using the many new Facebook Applications that are emerging. 7 years after it all began; Facebook is as popular as ever. Practically everyone aged 10 or over has their own Facebook account.

People are jumping at the chance to get even more out of their Facebook account, so are downloading Facebook Apps. Goal monitoring Facebook Apps designed to help people to monitor how well they are doing with their new year resolutions are particularly popular at the moment.

Apps designed to encourage people to reach their goals by reminding them on a daily basis of what those goals are and why they set them are also popular. There are dozens of these kinds of apps out there designed to help people to quit smoking, learn a new language, lose weight and loads more.

How businesses are using Facebook Applications

People love playing games, so these are some of the most popular custom apps that businesses are having built. Competitions are also great fun and are a good way of adding something fun to Facebook for customers, but also a great way of making them aware of new products. Advertising events using custom built Facebook Applications works really well too.

Software firms are also providing a Facebook App version of their software. Once people try out the App they often go off and buy the actual software. Cut down storefronts can be created to give Facebook users a taste of the products sold by a firm, again enticing them to click through to the main site and buy.

Perhaps the best thing about Facebook Applications is that they can easily go viral. A company that comes up with a fun and engaging App can soon find thousands of people downloading their App.

More and more businesses are waking up to the power of these apps and are employing firms like mycleveragency to build custom apps for them. Allowing them to find new ways to keep their brand and products in the ‘mind’s eye’ of their customers.


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