England 8/10/2012 – Despite changing fashions when it comes to architecture PVC windows and doors are still as popular as ever

The vast majority of homes now feature PVC windows and doors. Today, even homes at the top end of the market feature these kinds of windows and doors. However, it has not actually been this way for as long as many people think.

These kinds of windows only really took off in the 1970s. Prior to that, most window frames and door were made of wood. There was a brief period where Crittall Windows were all the rage. These window frames were made of steel. They looked good, were hardwearing and, best of all, where thin. However, they had the same problem wooden window and door frames had, they were high maintenance. Once painted they had to be rubbed down and re-painted every couple of years. An extremely time-consuming task, which was definitely best left to a professional painter. Crittall Windows are now mostly seen in historical art deco and modernist buildings and wooden window frames are also now usually only seen on period buildings.

PVC has been around since 1835. However, it took until 1923 to find a way of making it a viable material to make products from. Who produced the first PVC windows and doors is a matter for debate. However, when they hit the market they were an almost instant hit.

The future for PVC windows and doors

The construction of these kinds of windows makes them perfect for any building. They can be constructed in any style, size or shape, so blend in with surrounding properties or the style of an existing building perfectly.

Firms like Safe N Secure, who sell direct to the public, builders and businesses, are able to offer a bespoke service. PVC windows and doors lend themselves to the modern world. Modern construction techniques make it easy to produce windows that comply with the new environmental building regulations introduced in October 2012. Currently it looks like these windows and doors are set to stay and remain popular.