England – 18/01/2012Both business owners and homeowners are turning to monitored alarm systems to provide them with extra security

Instead of settling for traditional alarm systems many people are now going for monitored alarm systems. Businesses are upgrading their systems and home owners are choosing them when they install alarms in their homes.

Monitored alarm systems come in many different forms. The most popular are still intruder alarms, but they are coupled with CCTV cameras to allow the premises to be viewed remotely should the alarm go off. Some people are still opting for slightly less sophisticated systems. These systems are also monitored, but only in as much as when the alarm sounds the alarm company’s call centre is contacted. They, in turn, contact the key holder or send out one of their local guards to physically check the premises.

The biggest growth is coming from businesses who are using monitored alarm systems to monitor their plant and machinery. Coupled with technology that monitors the environment for leaks of fumes or gas owners can be notified when there is a problem with a piece of machinery. The thermometer in a commercial freezer can be wired to an alarm system. An audible alarm can sound, a text message can be sent or the security firm monitoring the alarm system can notify the owner should the temperature drop. Once again these alarms can include CCTV cameras, so even remotely it is possible to get some idea of what is causing the problem. This enables business owners to make an informed decision about what to do next, and who to send to sort out the problem.

New types of monitored alarm systems hit the market

The UK’s security providers are responding to new opportunities, coming up with new ideas and new systems. This is keeping UK customers happy and giving the UK’s security companies new products to market abroad.

Aim Monitoring is working with independent alarm installers across the country to provide their customers with bespoke systems. If customers want specialist monitored alarm systems that do not yet exist Aim Monitoring works with those customers to come up with solutions that work.


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