Glasgow, United Kingdom (August 20, 2010) – Pet Express, a leading UK pet store, announce the arrival of their new aquarium and fish tank accessories which are available now from their online store.

Pet Express believe that many fish owners may be surprised to learn that some fish, such as goldfish, can distinguish between different colours and shapes; therefore an owner should ensure their tank is colourful and vibrant to provide a happy life for their pet. Pet Express feel that amongst their newly available fish tank products, the new Large Root Cluster is ideal for many tanks as it provides a shelter for the aquarium inhabitants to allow them to feel a sense of security. Pet Express believe that tropical fish thrive best in an environment that is similar to their natural habitat; therefore when decorating with a fish tank or aquarium accessories, an owner should consider products such as the Aqua Colour Hedge which will enrich the environment and provide interest for the fish and for owners.

A spokesperson for Pet Express commented: “We at Pet Express understand the importance of a natural environment in a fish tank or aquarium, which is why we have added the Large Root Cluster and Aqua Colour Hedge to our wide range of products; items which we believe not only benefit the fish but are great to look at too. For the same reasons, we believe the decorative and humorous No Fishing Aquarium Ornament will be a popular addition to our product range; this vibrant, fun and entertaining accessory is sure to add some colour to a tank and provides a space for fish to explore. Here at Pet Express, we believe in providing quality fish tank accessories at prices that are affordable and competitive and are always looking for new products to help enrich the lives of pets and their owners”.

For more information about Pet Express and their new range of fish accessories for fish tanks or aquariums, browse their website at or alternatively telephone 0800 157 7265.

About Pet Express:

A leading, online UK supplier of pet accessories, Pet Express offers a wide variety of products for domesticated and wild animals, guaranteeing fast, efficient service and great value offers. Pet Express offer free delivery on orders over £29. Not only does Pet Express offer customers animal wildlife products, such as nuts and seeds but they also have a great range of more extravagant products such as bat boxes and butterfly houses.


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