Leeds, United Kingdom (August 20, 2010) – Pharmacy2U, the UK’s largest online pharmacy, announce an increase in the number of people purchasing sun cream products to protect their skin from the summer sun.

Pharmacy2U believes that most people in this day and age are aware of the damaging effects the sun can have on the skin. Skin cancer is a common concern for most sun worshippers, and with an increase in the disease over the past few years it appears there is plenty to be concerned about. However, if people want to enjoy the summer sun then Pharmacy2U believe it is important they are protected from its harmful UV rays by purchasing high-factor sun cream. Pharmacy2U has recently seen a significant increase of 64% of people purchasing sun cream, which suggests that Britain is becoming a more health-conscious nation in this regard.

Amongst the many suns creams on the market, one of Pharmacy2U’s most popular products is the Sunsense range which has a variety of factors and different specifications for outdoor sports activities, water activities, general sunbathing, and also a range of sun skin care creams aimed specifically at children. Ultrasun also has similar products in their range plus a section designed for sun worshippers who have sensitive skin and these are moisturizing products that prevent premature aging.

Managing director of Pharmacy2U, Daniel Lee commented: “The sun can have a hugely harmful effect on the skin, not only is it a common cause of skin cancer but it can also accelerate the aging process. However, it appears many Britons are now better caring for their skin by purchasing sun creams such as Sunsense and Ultrasun when enjoying the sun at home or abroad. The increase in our sun care sales shows us that more people are aware of the risk of skin cancer. We are a proud supplier of a variety of health products and are delighted to provide our customers with a fantastic range of sun care products at competitive prices”.

For more information about Pharmacy2U and their sun care product range, visit their website http://www.pharmacy2u.co.uk or telephone 0845 803 9033 during office hours.

About Pharmacy2U:

Pharmacy2U was the UK’s first online pharmacy and launched in November 1999, and has since risen to become the UK’s largest dedicated internet and mail order pharmacy service. Specializing in lifestyle treatments such as Viagra, Cialis, and Nicorette plus thousands of other products, Pharmacy2U can offer patients expert medical advice and can deliver prescription, over-the-counter, and other personal care products to any location. Importantly in these uncertain economic times, prices are the lowest on the internet ensuring patients and customers receive a better deal. Pharmacy2U has pioneered online pharmacy technology that allows patients to order their repeat prescriptions and more, to create a unique online pharmacy experience.


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