England 9/11/2012 – A recent survey commissioned by Zoflora discovered that many women actually enjoy cleaning

Zoflora recently commissioned a survey to find out how women aged between 18 and 55 feet about cleaning. They were amazed by the results.

It turned out that over a third of the women they asked actually enjoyed cleaning. This surprised everyone because they were expecting very few, if any, of them to say that.

It seems that many women get a huge amount of satisfaction out of putting things right in their homes. Many of these women will not admit this to their partners, and some do not even admit it to their friends. However, some do, and a few are even happy to help their friends with their cleaning.

Many of the women reported that they found blitzing their homes for a couple of homes therapeutic. The smell of a clean home was one of the main reasons they stated for this therapeutic effect. However, a lot said the fact that their home was presentable was the most important factor. Many worried about their home not being clean when someone dropped in. Getting their home looking good lifted this worry from their shoulders, and made them feel more relaxed and content. However, even those who liked cleaning admitted that there were still some chores they hated doing.

Chores Zoflora found that women still hate

Cleaning the oven, ironing and cleaning the toilets were all chores most women did not enjoy. They found tasks that took a lot of time and effort unappealing. Any task that was disgusting also, understandably, did not appeal.

Tasks like hovering, washing up, dusting and wiping down surfaces, which are quick to do and make a big visual difference were amongst the most popular tasks. However, a few women enjoyed all cleaning tasks.

Zoflora were especially pleased to hear that the smell of a clean home motivated many women to keep their home spic and span. They have been making perfumed disinfectant products for over 90 years now, so the fact modern women like cleaning products that smell nice is very welcome news for them.