England 19/03/2013 – Increasingly firms in the UK are hiring PR agencies to manage their image and grow their businesses

In today’s global world, standing out from the crowd is difficult. Part of the problem is that the crowd is so much bigger than it once was. Most firms are no longer just competing with local firms – they are competing with firms from other parts of the UK and even the world. Most firms realize this, so employ a PR agency to help them raise awareness of their business. Finding a PR agency in London is not difficult, but simply going with the first firm in the book is not a good approach. Finding an effective one is important.

Most firms need a public relations agent who understands how to reach a global audience. UK firms are looking for PR agents who are willing to learn about their company and the industry they are involved in before coming up with a comprehensive PR plan. In the PR world, there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution. Every firm has something different to offer, they have different strengths that can be used to help them to sell their products or services to customers.

A two-pronged approach works best

Those firms that use a range of marketing techniques are the ones that are the most successful. Traditional PR is just as important as new PR techniques. This is not something all UK firms realize, but is something the more successful firms have learned over the years.

Firms like Presscode take a multi-channel approach and are the agents that provide the firms they work for with a public relation strategy that helps firms to really grow. Their approach is to employ slow-burn PR techniques as well as run campaigns that bring in business quickly. This two-pronged, multi-channel approach brings a sustained flow of new customers to the firms they look after. This firm works hard to build brand awareness and market penetration to help firms to become the first company that consumers think of when they want the product or service that they offer.

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