Cheshire, United Kingdom (May 28, 2010) – The UK’s premier Search Engine Optimisation services provider and internet marketing agency as voted for by, SEO Consult, has commented on the news that a recent survey shows that Britons are spending 65% more time online than three years ago.

The UK Online Measurement Company (UKOM) estimates that the average person spends 22 hours and 15 minutes surfing the internet every month. Most of this time is spent on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, whilst internet gaming has also seen a steady increase in popularity. UKOM also intriguingly outline user habits across the UK – due to the rise of social networking, they have seen a fall in the use of instant messaging and predict a decline in email correspondence, as people opt to communicate through social networking websites.

SEO Consult feels that the latest survey outlines just how important social networking has become on the internet and highlights the opportunities present in the current market. They highlight that those employing the services of a search engine optimization company will be able to capitalize on the social networking boom for their business and create a personable, attractive online presence for their firm.

“We’ve long insisted that social media and search engine optimization services are the future of internet marketing, and can offer a fully comprehensive breakdown of our services if you contact us for a consultation,” commented Matt Bullas, Managing Director of SEO Consult. “Social networking has exploded through the desire to keep in touch with friends and family as easily as possible, whilst also getting access to information on a speedy basis. However it is no longer merely an informal social tool, but one that can be utilized in the business world too. The right techniques and application of social networking can really make a difference to how your business is viewed online, and we can help you reap the benefits right here at SEO Consult.”

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