England – 23/11/2012 – The UK arm of world-renowned air compressor retailer ‘Hertz Kompressoren’ boasts a rotary screw compressor range suitable for many different industries and applications.

There are many people in many different industries who seek to use air compressors for a range of different applications. However, such people want to know that the air compressors that they use are exceptional in performance, are highly efficient, and will have a long-lasting maintenance life. Thankfully, such people can benefit from the UK arm of internationally esteemed air compressor retailer ‘Hertz Kompressoren’, which can truly provide a rotary screw compressor range suitable for many different industries and for many different applications.

A rotary screw compressor is so-called due to its rotary-type positive displacement mechanism. Each rotary screw compressor model in the range of tailored HGS Series Screw Compressors offered by the UK arm of ‘Hertz Kompressoren’ is equipped with an exclusive screw block that has been constructed with the strongest materials. However, there are many more reasons than this why a rotary screw compressor from this company can be truly relied upon.

A rotary screw processor range from a highly reliable company
‘Hertz Kompressoren’ have sufficient and relevant knowledge and experience to provide a thoroughly comprehensive range of all kinds of rotary screw compressors. These compressors are of time-proven quality, and furthermore, improvements are continuously being made to the rotary screw compressors stocked by the company, thanks to innovations in material, machining, and assembling techniques. This ensures that the compressors often exceed quality expectations.

A ‘Hertz Kompressoren spokesperson stated: “All models in the range of Hertz HGS Series Rotary Screw Compressors are built for a great variety of applications and easy and minimum maintenance. Furthermore, they have long maintenance intervals and low operating costs, and any spare parts needed for any rotary screw compressor in this range can be easily bought from any of the many ‘Hertz Kompressoren service centers all over the world. Plus, we have many satisfied customers who can vouch for all of this.”

If the next few years see word spread about the impressive screw compressor stock of the UK arm of ‘Hertz Kompressoren and the use of the World Wide Web (WWW) in the UK rise, then the UK website of ‘Hertz Kompressoren’ could, as a result, see considerable growth in visitor numbers.

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