London, United Kingdom (October 29, 2010) – Wellicious, a leading provider of sophisticated yoga clothing and loungewear, will be featured in the December edition of one of the UK’s leading running magazines, Women’s Running.

Women’s Running, a magazine providing tips and advice about how running can help women to stay healthy and in good shape, will have a feature dedicated to the Wellicious brand in the December edition of their publication to demonstrate the comfort that wearing the brand’s yoga clothing and loungewear can offer to beginners and avid runners.

Wellicious yoga clothing retail all manner of vests, t-shirts, trousers, and cover-up tracksuit-style jackets designed to be worn outdoors and in cooler environments, and are made from stretchable and cozy fabrics, such as jersey, to offer the freedom of movement and extra warmth required for running.

“Women’s Running is a great stay-in-shape magazine full of ideas catered around how women, in particular, can benefit from regularly running, and often features different clothing and shoe brands that their behind-the-scenes experts consider the most suitable for an enjoyable and healthy run,” commented Heike Schnell, Managing Director of Wellicious. “I am delighted to say that some items from our conscientiously-designed collections are so versatile that they are as suitable for practicing yoga as they are for running, and hope that readers of Women’s Running will consider purchasing some pieces from us for a more comfortable and stylish running experience.”

For more information about Wellicious and their selection of yoga clothes, visit their website at or telephone 0207 221 6996 during office hours.

About Wellicious:

An original London-based label, Wellicious is eco-friendly and specialize in providing customers with high-quality yoga clothing and loungewear. Founded by seasoned traveler Heike Schnell, she got tired of searching for comfortable and attractive yoga clothing and decided to create her own brand. Wellicious supplies a sophisticated, stylish, and cozy clothing collection made from high-quality fabrics and materials, as well as supplying well-being products such as organic teas, lavender eye masks, and anti-aging pillows.


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