England – 14/01/2012Investors are looking for a safe place to put their money but are uncertain whether to buy gold or not

Rightly so, in the current economic climate, people are looking to spread their investments. They are buying bonds in safe countries, such as, Germany and opening bank accounts in other currencies. In addition, a lot of them are asking themselves ‘should I buy gold?’

The price of gold has risen steadily and looks set to continue to do so. Traditionally, gold has been seen as a long-term investment tool. Many people buy it as a kind of insurance or as a hedge against the failure of some of their other investments. However, some people are looking at investing in gold as a short-term investment, buying gold and selling it a few months later. Provided the price of gold continues to rise that type of investment will continue to work.

Regardless, of why people decide to buy gold there is a broad agreement amongst financial analysts that having some savings in gold is important. This advice is filtering down to the average person and a lot of them are now buying small quantities of gold bullion themselves. The gold market is responding to a rise in demand from small investors and offering new, safe and convenient ways for them to buy gold.

The new way to buy gold

Until fairly the only way the man in the street really bought gold was as jewellery. However, now they want to buy bullion, because they understand that they get better value for money by doing it that way. Every penny they spend buys them pure gold, whereas with jewellery some of that money goes into paying for the craftsmanship, so you get less gold for your money.

Bullion By Post saw the trend early and set up a simple to uses service to make buying gold as easy as buying a book. They allow consumers to buy gold from their website within a few minutes of creating an account. Once the funds have passed, the gold is delivered via, registered and insured post the very next day.


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