Plymouth, United Kingdom (19 November 2010) – The recent launch of Pay-as-you-Go by teleBIZZ Virtual Receptionist has been a huge hit with businesses trying to control costs in a difficult market.

TeleBIZZ believes that with the current availability of cost-effective ‘virtual’ phone answering, no business needs to miss calls ever again or worse, make their customers to listen to much-maligned answer-phone muzak. Messages can be relayed by email, SMS, or transferred to business employees wherever they are. New business can be reacted to very quickly, which is especially useful for anyone who is out and about.

When teleBIZZ recently asked for feedback from their existing clients, they discovered that the majority of small and medium-sized businesses said they would prefer to be charged on a simple pay-as-you-go basis. Being in control of costs and knowing how much they are spending, and how often can be monitored by setting their own top-up levels to suit how they worked appealed to them enormously.

The larger organizations were led by convenience and preferred to continue paying by Direct Debit.

Gillie Scherr, teleBIZZ Managing Director points out: “It is all about making it easy for our clients to do business with us and this follows through to the answering service we provide for our client’s customers too. Providing professional, friendly telephone answering services day or night sends out a message of genuine care for customers and is fundamental to the success of any business. Our service makes it ‘easy’ for our client’s end customers to do business with them, too.”

As Mark Plowman of Panache Interiors, one of teleBIZZ’s Virtual Receptionist clients commented: “Most of my business routine starts with a phone call. My life has been so much easier since I employed a Virtual Receptionist team to answer my phones a few years ago. If I am in the middle of a meeting with a client, the last thing I need is an interruption, but I also need a new client who rings in at the same time to receive a friendly, warm welcome to our business. A lost call could mean a lost job and, in my business, one job alone will more than pay for a full year of the Virtual Receptionist service. I still answer some calls myself, but always divert my calls if I am driving, working on plans or in meetings. It is so much easier to manage my business more efficiently since I engaged my Virtual Receptionist team.”

TeleBIZZ develops all of its own software in-house and everything is driven by the ‘make it easy for our customers to do business with us’ philosophy, which becomes even more important when building emergency response and marketing analysis systems, as they need to be simple to understand and operate.

Other successful ‘make it easy for customers’ initiatives from teleBIZZ have been the automated free trial setup, which means anyone can be up and running within minutes at any time, a live internet-based control panel to enable clients to update any details 24/7, and the very popular instant quality-control feedback system.

To find out more about teleBIZZ and their virtual receptionist services, telephone them at 0870 746 7866 or visit their website at

About teleBIZZ:

Started from scratch 18 years ago by husband-and-wife team Nick Lunn and Gillie Scherr, teleBIZZ has since grown into an award-winning call center service based in the South West of England. Their portfolio is very large, which the team credits to keeping personal-yet-effective communication with their clients. teleBIZZ can offer virtual office services alongside call handling solutions, brochure distribution, and more.


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