England 24/06/2013 – When Havaianas launched their slim version, some were not sure how popular they would be.

Today, sales of slim Havaianas are growing, and they are now one of the biggest growth areas within the summer footwear sector. On the http://www.flipflopandaway.co.uk site, most visitors go straight to the slim collection pages. The public seems to love these very stylish flip-flops with ultra-slim straps.

For the summer, they are perfect. Flip flops allow feet to breathe like no other form of footwear. The fact that they are flat is also a factor. In the summer, people put comfort at the top of their list and flat shoes certainly put less strain on the feet. The thinner straps on the slim Havaianas mean that they not only look far more elegant there is more freedom of movement too. In the summer, people spend more time on their feet, so this is something people seem to appreciate.

The fact that flip-flops take up very little space in a bag is also a big attraction. This is also an important consideration for people holidaying abroad. Recently, the cost of luggage has gone up drastically, prompting many to change how they pack for their summer holidays. Most people are drastically cutting how much they take on holiday to cut the weight of their cases. The fact that Havaianas are so light, and compact makes them ideal for summer holidays abroad. They come in a huge range of styles and colors, so it is possible to take two or three pairs to wear with different outfits.

Sales of Havianas 2013 slim summer collection are good
Sales of the new 2013 slim collection have been particularly strong. Flip Flop and Away sells only Havianas, and they have seen sales of the slim versions outstrip sales of other more traditional flip-flops this year. They now stock over 20 slim versions. The black or grey Aero has been particularly popular with men, who like the way they look with jeans and other casual trousers. Their female clients have bought across the range, with sales of the lighter designs being particularly strong. It seems that this year a lot of Brits are flying off for their summer holidays with a pair of slim Havaianas in their suitcase.

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