Warwickshire, United Kingdom (June 18, 2010) – Sherwoods Photographic Ltd, UK’s premier specialist in telescopes and binoculars, announces a new range of deterrent products.

Sherwoods know that foxes scavenging in bins, making a mess of your garden, and frightening or injuring your pets can be a real problem for some, even in urban areas. They believe that the best way to way to keep the foxes at bay is to purchase the fox watch unit which is the most effective fox deterrent currently available. Every time a fox comes in 1,350 square feet of the unit, the fox’s body heat and movement trigger an ultrasound alarm that is extremely loud for them but inaudible to the human ear. This unique invention surpasses any other and is made to run all year round.

Sherwoods know that neighbor’s cats or stray felines can also raid the bins and mess in gardens, which is why thousands of people have decided to invest in cat deterrent CAT Watch, which sounds a unique ultrasonic alarm to the cats but is inaudible to humans, similar to the fox deterrent. This unit has been scientifically tested by The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and doesn’t harm cats, merely makes it uncomfortable to remain within earshot of the alarm. This deterrent has proven to be effective at decreasing cat intrusion into your garden and comes with a two-year warranty, so you can be sure it won’t let you down.

Matthew Frost of Sherwoods Photographic Ltd commented: “Many people become frustrated when wild animals or neighbor’s pets enter their garden, and a homeowner should not be subject to their property being damaged or their own animals being scared or injured. These deterrents allow you to take back control of your property and not have to worry about unwanted animals causing havoc. Here at Sherwoods, we specialize in a range of night vision binoculars and high-powered telescopes, however, we are now proud to add a new range of cat and fox deterrents to our array of products.

To find out more about animal deterrents or any of Sherwood Photographic Ltd’s wide selection of products such as telescopes and binoculars, visit their website at www.sherwoods-photo.com or alternatively telephone +44(0)1527-875700.

About Sherwoods:

Established in 1942, Sherwoods are a trader of top-quality telescopes, binoculars, and other optical products at affordable prices and for a multitude of purposes including bird watching and astronomy. Owners of one of the largest ranges in the Midlands, they are also dealers for Meade, Skywatcher, and Celestron Astronomical Telescopes and Accessories.

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