London, United Kingdom (20 August 2010) – , a leading SEO services company in the United Kingdom, commented on the news that a full amalgamation of Bing and Yahoo! is imminent.

Tests throughout the month of August 2010 on organic search results show that Yahoo! Search has been powered by the Bing engine. believe that when the full transition process is complete, searchers can probably expect to see a ‘Powered by Bing’ logo at the bottom of their organic Yahoo! search results. So far only seen in the United States and Canada, this also only refers to organic search results, with sponsored links and adverts managed separately.

When the transition is fully complete, expect the search results ranking orders for organic results on Yahoo! and Bing to be exactly the same. Though Yahoo! will essentially be a different skin, the results will effectively be identical. Yahoo! is also reportedly currently testing the account migration tool on the sponsored, pay-per-click aspects of search marketing, and hopes to release it in the coming weeks.

“What many are dubbing a complete handover seems almost to be finished – at least in North America. Our stance is that this can only be good news for the wider world of search as it provides some much-needed competition for Google with the joining of the other two main forces in search,” commented a spokesperson. “Though we’ll have to wait and see what the search engine optimization implications are as this merger rolls out globally, we still fully expect most end users to stick with Google for now unless Bing brings something totally new to the table. The Yahoo! acquisition seems to be a step in the right direction though – only time will tell if their strategy is a success or not.”

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