England 21/07/2012- Despite tough economic times UK homeowners appear to still be spending money on their homes

In a recession, retail spending, understandably, drops off. There is no way people can keep on spending money they have not got. This is especially the case with the current recession because credit is simply not available in the same way it was in the past.

In addition, people are being much more realistic about how long this recession will go on. Many people see it as a turning point for the country and do not expect to see a return to households having plenty of spare cash to spend on leisure anytime soon. As a result, people have tightened their belts and stopped spending on the non-essentials.

However, there is one area of the economy that is bucking the trend, and that is home furnishings. In particular, things like linen and soft furnishings. Spending on DIY and home decor as a whole has fallen sharply yet sales of soft furnishings have declined far less steeply.

There are several reasons for this. Without a doubt, the key reason is that people are staying put in their current home. They cannot afford the costs involved in moving or if they can, they are unable to get a big enough mortgage.

As a result, they are doing what they can to make their current home more comfortable. They do not necessarily have the funds to invest in decorating their home completely, but they are definitely sprucing things up a bit by buying new linen and soft furnishings for their home.

Online spending

Companies like Linens Direct are benefitting from this trend. They are also helped by the fact that people are buying more of their goods on-line. Well established companies , who offer great choice and good value for money like Linens Direct are seeing their business grow rather than shrink. Modern technology has improved websites to the point where people feel just as comfortable buying soft furnishings online as they do buying on the High Street. Very few consumers feel the need to touch and feel a product before buying it as they once did.


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