England 29/03/2013 – For many their bathroom is a sanctuary, which is one reason people are still happy to spend money on this room

Despite the recession, sales of bathroom accessories have remained strong. It seems that despite having little spare money UK consumers are still spending time and money revamping their bathrooms. In particular, updating their bathroom accessories.

A recent survey by Ideal Standard looked at the way thousands of people in the UK, Italy, Germany, and France used their bathrooms. It was an interesting survey that told the company a lot about what homeowners now want from their bathrooms. They found that for many people their bathroom is their sanctuary. It is viewed by most as the only room where they can get complete peace and that is the case across the generations. However, the survey that people were short on time, and they took fewer baths during the week. Parents were more likely to take a bath than anyone else in the household. Taking a bath gave them a chance to get away from everyone and truly relax and unwind.

Over 40% of the people who took part in the survey wanted to overhaul their bathrooms. Understandably, not many could afford to do so. However, most had enough cash available to change the look of their bathroom, by updating the bathroom accessories. The fact that people see their bathroom as a sanctuary seems to be motivating them to continue to invest in this space, making it as comfortable as possible.

The way people shop for bathroom accessories is changing

However, for most cash is still tight. This is motivating more consumers to shop around rather than go to a shop. Instead, they are spending time looking online. This gives them the best choice and a better chance of finding the accessories they want at a price they can afford.

Home Colours, who sell a range of accessories for every room, including bathrooms, have definitely benefited from this trend. Visitors to their site can search for accessories by room, accessory type, or color. Their color search is particularly popular because it narrows down the choice quickly, which helps visitors to find accessories that really fit in with their bathrooms in no time.


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