Life doesn’t always seem to go the way you want it. Just as you think everything is on track, things can get into disarray. It could be the arrival of a new baby, a separation, or a death in the family. When big moments such as these happen, strong feelings, stress and arguments can often take centre stage, and it’s at times like these that you need advice most.

Our relationships are debatably what make life worth living; getting relationship advice can really make a difference many people’s emotional wellbeing and quality of life. And seeing as we take expert advice on financial decisions it makes sense to do the same for our relationships! There are a number of therapeutic methods that are proven to help you to get to grips with family issues; read more about them below.

Relationship mapping

Relationship mapping is a method that has been used for many years; it helps people to discover their family dynamics and identify where problems may lie. As tools go, this one can be seen as fun and innovative; it enables discussion around positive changes that can be made to family life and how they can be achieved. You can revisit the tool once some changes have been made; it should show you how the situation now looks and should also help you to decide whether any further changes are required.


Counselling is another method that allows each member of the family to have their voice heard. This can help each party to understand how the others are feeling. In theory, this could reduce conflict and arguments, allowing everyone to cope better with the situation. There are a number of ways to receive counselling, such as through face-to-face sessions, over the phone or even through live chat on the internet, all with professional counsellors.

Whichever method suits you best, the first step can often be plucking up the courage to seek help. Don’t be afraid to ask for relationship advice – not only could it help you work through your difficulties, but it could help you strengthen your family relationships and lead to a happier home.

If you are struggling to communicate with your teen, Relate for Parents have trained counsellors on hand who are trained in family counselling and relationship issues. Visit the website at .