Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom (26 November 2010) PureFX.co.uk, a leading foreign exchange broker and money transfer expert, has launched a new daily forex report offering people commentary about developments in the foreign exchange market.

The new report includes several features to help people decide the best time to exchange foreign currency and get the best possible rates for them. These features include:

  • Snapshot summaries about movements in the exchange rates between the sterling, the euro, and the dollar.
  • In-depth analyses of the reasons for daily alterations in the exchange rates.
  • A look ahead to upcoming developments that may affect the exchange rates.

The report offers to provide a concise analysis of movements in
foreign exchange, enabling people to determine how developments affect them quickly. People can access the daily forex report by visiting PureFX.co.uk and clicking ‘News’ on the menu. The report is updated daily between 10.30-11.00 AM.

Regarding the new daily report, PureFX.co.uk economic commentator Peter Lavelle said: ‘Things can change quickly in the economic world making it difficult for people to keep up with exchange rates. With our new forex report, we hope to make that easier by giving people concise explanations about what’s happening in the markets, and how that affects exchange rates. That means people can quickly decide whether now is the right time for them to exchange currency.’

For more information about Pure FX and their services, visit their website at http://www.purefx.co.uk/ or contact them at 01494 671800.

About Pure FX:

Pure FX specializes in providing foreign exchange and international payment solutions for both private and corporate clients. Their range of services benefits clients in many ways – fixed exchange rates, zero commission, and risk management all aid clients in getting the most from their money.

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