Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom – (June 11, 2010)Pure FX a specialist currency broker offering cost-effective currency exchange services, comments on the impact that the general election has had on the currency market.

Now that a coalition is in effect between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats, exchange rates are seeing significant changes. There was speculation in the weeks preceding the election forecasting a hung parliament, which would signal big changes in the economy; now this is the case and sterling remains one of the cheapest major currencies.

As the pound faces such a problematic time, the Euro is also at a four-year low; however, some suggest that this could work to the UK economy’s advantage, as sterling may get a chance to strengthen if the Euro remains at a low.

“There is no doubt that these are complicated times for the currency market, which may leave a lot of people unsure how to proceed with their money,” says James Roberts of Pure FX. “Now, more than ever, getting the right advice from the right currency brokers is the right thing to do. When you’re transferring money abroad, it can be a daunting task to get the information you need. As one of the UK’s top foreign exchange services, we pride ourselves on speaking to our clients in a language they can understand – no jargon, no nonsense.“

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