United Kingdom (30 June 2010) – PeopleChecking, a service dedicated to offering employee background checks and employment screening services, is highlighting the dangers of internet websites that provide qualifications from fake universities for a fee.

Job vacancies are currently seeing record numbers of applicants as UK unemployment figures reach unprecedented levels, but PeopleChecking warns that applicants’ CVs may not be all they seem. Many people are exaggerating their credentials in a bid to stand out from other candidates, and some are even resorting to paying for fake qualifications over the internet to get ahead.

These online ‘universities’ have impressive, sophisticated web presences and manned contacts. They can therefore provide false verification of a candidate’s work history. They are extremely hard to detect unless somebody already knows the warning signs, and PeopleChecking are stressing vigilance when recruiters interview potential employees.

“It is important that, during the recruitment process, you leave no stone unturned when vetting a candidate. Through the use of the internet they could have paid to completely fabricate their work history and qualifications,” says Mathew Armstrong, Business Development Manager at NorthgateArinso People Checking. “It’s important to carry out the appropriate qualification checks and chase up references when and where required. We understand that that may be more difficult for some recruiters than others, particularly given the volume of applications they are receiving for each advertised position, but we can help with our affordable screening solutions here at PeopleChecking.”

To find out more about People Checking and the employment screening services they provide, visit their website at: http://www.peoplechecking.com/ or telephone 0800 035 0545

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NorthgateArinso People Checking is the leading provider of candidate online individual background checks and employment solutions in the UK. People Checking provides a service enabling organizations to confirm that recruits (and existing employees) are who they say they are, have the experience and qualifications they claim to have, and are eligible to work in this country.



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