England – 8/3/2013 – Hiremech offers numerous solutions for warehouses to take advantage of

Companies that are looking to acquire a forklift and electric pallet trucks can benefit from approaching the experienced and highly-reputable warehouse equipment retailer Hiremech. Hiremech offers not only forklift trucks but several other key warehouse appliances. The company has built up strong links with various warehouse equipment manufacturers, which has led to them being able to offer the equipment to their customers at exceptionally low prices. The company is also the exclusive London dealer of Caterpillar forklift trucks.

Many warehouses rely on pallet trucks to ensure that their operations run smoothly. An electric pallet truck is a small forklift that enables warehouse staff to move pallets around easily and in a swift manner. They can come in forms that support pedestrian use, or alternatively, staff can make use of ‘ride-on’ models. They are an essential tool for the transportation of goods around a warehouse, or indeed upon any smooth surface if space allows this.

Leasing terms also available for extra flexibility

Pallet trucks tend to be inexpensive, and workers should find them exceptionally easy to operate. They are environmentally friendly too and produce no harmful emissions. Hiremech has formed bonds with a wide array of companies and can offer various warehouse solutions to promote the smooth running of a variety of businesses. The company can offer both new and refurbished forklifts alongside various types of other machinery. They are able to offer new parts, repairs, and servicing, alongside expert advice and free site surveys.

Hiremech strongly emphasizes the transparency of their pricing and endeavors to only offer the most experienced fully-trained engineers available to them when on-site visits are required. They can also offer commercial electric vehicles, that can help customers dramatically reduce their carbon footprint. This electric vehicle costs just 2 pence per mile to run, and because of its eco-friendliness can be used for free parking in various areas in London.

Customers are also free to lease various items from the company, including electric pallet trucks. Leases can last for anything from a week to a year – a perfect solution for those for whom an outright purchase is not necessary. Many organizations have seen Hiremech support their warehouse needs to the letter.

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