Cambridge, England (29 July 2010) – Novus Biologicals, an international supplier of antibodies, announce that they are attending a variety of tradeshows across Europe this summer.

It also gives them a chance to show off the new Novus Antibody Machine – a car that has been customized in antibody graphics and Novus imagery. The Antibody Machine is used mainly for deliveries across the local Cambridge area but is also being used for collections and to make the general public more aware of the Novus brand.

The Antibody Machine is also being used to get staff to and from European trade exhibits and events, many of which Novus Biologicals are attending this summer. The next stage of their touring program includes:

  • British Society of Cell Biology – Oxford, England – September 5 – 6

“We’re delighted with how the summer tour is panning out, and we’ve already visited beautiful locations such as Oslo, Gothenburg, and Edinburgh. We’re also pleased to say that our brand new Antibody Machine has run like clockwork to all these destinations,” comments a Novus Biologicals spokesperson. “We’re also running a scavenger hunt – if Cambridge residents and researchers see our Antibody Machine we want them to take a photo of themselves by it and email it to us at They may win a prize!”

To find out more about Novus Biologicals and its antibody database, visit their website at or call +44 (0)1223 426001.

About Novus Biologicals:

Novus Biologicals is an international scientific company, that helps to accelerate the advancement of scientific discoveries by developing and commercializing new products in scientific and biological fields. By promoting and commercializing unique biological materials and products to the biological research community, Novus plays an important part in helping to advance international biological research practices. Novus is also constantly monitoring emerging scientific trends and strives to supply products for their advancement.

Contact details:
Novus Biologicals Europe

12 Cambridge Science Park
Cambridge, CB4 0FQ, UK
+44 (0)1223 426001

Fax: +44 (0)871 971 1635

Novus Biologicals Worldwide

PO Box 802

Littleton, CO 80160 USA

Tel: 1-888-50-NOVUS

Fax: 303-730-1966