Cheshire, United Kingdom (3rd April 2013) – Established digital agency, Click Consult, has welcomed the news that Google has made four significant improvements to its real-time Analytics reports.

As highlighted in an announcement on its Analytics blog in late March 2013, Google has implemented four key updates to its data reporting software. First, webmasters can now analyze Events (user interaction with content) in real-time, helping them to conclude whether or not “particular segments of visitors trigger different events.” Content can now also be broken down by desktop, tablet, and mobile, allowing webmasters to be able to see who is currently on their site and on which type of device they are accessing it.

Also, webmasters can now set up real-time shortcuts and they can now access specific pieces of real-time information quicker and more easily. Finally, real-time traffic can now be compared to overall traffic data, allowing for “quick comparison trends.”

Google Analytics is a program that measures the traffic of a website and how this traffic then corresponds to sales and conversions for the site owner. North West-based digital agency Click Consult uses Analytics to collate accurate and relevant information about its clients’ websites, allowing the agency to offer the highest quality online marketing solutions. The agency has welcomed these new real-time updates.

“Google Analytics is an incredibly important tool to our business. The program allows us to effectively monitor the performance of our client’s websites and also allows us to accurately see how that performance is impacted as a result of the work that we carry out on the sites,” said Liane Grimshaw, Managing Director of Click Consult. “These new updates should be a great addition and something which can help us to offer an even better service to our clients.”

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