England 12/06/2013 – For the bedroom, 1980s chic is back, and ornate metal beds are selling particularly well.

Sales of metal beds from Bedstreet.co.uk have soared since Christmas and demand is continuing to grow. Leather beds and divans are out, as people look for a different way to decorate their bedrooms.

Metal beds give people far more options when it comes to the style and decor they can use in their bedrooms. The leather beds that have been all the rage for the past few years look great and wear well, but they do not look right in certain settings. People who choose this style of the bed had little option but to go with an ultra-modern style of decor. Some people liked this style, but some found that crisp, clean lines and colours did not really work for them in the bedroom. They found that their bedrooms had too cold and bland feel. Today, most people seem to want a bedroom that feels warm and cosy. They want their bedrooms to be little cocoons, which means that they like to have the option to use delicate, soft linens and furnishings in their bedroom. These kinds of soft furnishings and linens do not really work with leather beds, but they look great when combined with a metal bed.

Metal beds for every taste
The great thing about metal is that it can be crafted and finished in a lot of ways. This means that there is a good choice of styles, everything from high-backed ornate beds that fit in well with a bedroom decorated in chintz to basic square bed frames that work best with more modern styles of decor.

There is a good choice of colours available and people can paint their metal beds to make them blend in even better with their decor. Some of the customers who have bought metal beds from Bed Street have taken them to their local auto sprayer and had them sprayed to complement their bedrooms. Painting the frame is cheaper and the more usual approach, but spraying a metal bed frame achieves a better and more durable finish. Given the versatility of modern metal beds, it looks like they will remain popular for the next few years.

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