If you want to maximize the SEO of your business website, building high quality links back to your website is critical to your success. When the major search engines such as Google see that other reputable websites are linking back to you, your rank on search engine results will increase.

How can you accomplish this link building and obtain high quality links which will direct traffic to your website? A UK company known as Manual Link Building is offering their expert SEO services to companies who want customized link building solutions.

Custom Designed Link Building Campaigns

Manual Link Building does not believe that one SEO campaign fits all. Rather, they know that every website is different and they tailor their custom link building campaigns to meet the requirements of each of their customers. Depending on the client they are working with, they might concentrate more on local links or build a regular linking campaign. They converse with each of their customers individually to figure out what the best SEO strategy would be for their business.

Guaranteed Links

Normally link building companies will offer packages which include a certain number of directory submissions and article submissions. While this is a good place to start, the acceptance rate on these submissions changes all of the time and there is no guarantee that these submissions will be accepted. This is why Manual Link Building offers a service which is somewhat different than the conventional methods.

They are offering a Guaranteed Links Package which promises 100 approved Directory Submission Service, 150 article submissions and 150 social bookmarks. This is a great way to ensure that you get your money’s worth, because the company will keep working for you until these submissions are approved.

Constant Updates

Another way that Manual Link Building are different than other link building companies is that they will keep you updated throughout the campaign on its progress. Other companies will usually wait until the end to send you a full report, giving you no chance to offer feedback on the campaign as it unfolds.

These are just a few of the reasons why the link building services offered by Manual Link Building are different than the rest.