Fitted bedroom furniture is the perfect way of freeing up extra space in your bedroom. There’s no such thing as enough space, and the amount that you have can be used more effectively with fitted bedroom furniture, which allows you to use every square inch of your bedroom.

Made to Measure

Fitted bedroom furniture can be made to measure so that you can make the best of awkward spaces such as difficult alcoves, corners and sloping ceilings. It is designed and manufactured with the sole purpose of fitting your own space specifications. The right designer can demonstrate ingenious solutions that will create useful space you never expected to find, the result being a bedroom free of clutter. Professional experts design and create furniture according to your suggestions, giving you an exclusive, stylish and beautiful set of furniture.

Freestanding furniture inevitably only allows you to use a fraction of the available space. It means that you are forced to cram objects in notorious dust traps such as the tops of wardrobes, while clutter results in objects ending up on crowded surfaces and in haphazard gaps between furniture.

Fitted bedroom furniture, meanwhile, covers even the oddest angles of a room and makes the most of space that would otherwise be wasted. If you choose fitted furniture, you can have a room with smooth lines and no ugly gaps. Not only do you have more storage space as a result, but your room also looks both bigger and neater.

With fitted bedroom furniture, you are no longer forced to keep the belongings that you use least packed away in boxes or stacked on top of wardrobes and instead have extra space for your belongings within the wardrobe itself.

Another advantage of opting for fitted furniture is that you can choose the materials, colours and styles that appeal to you. Such furniture may also be more durable as it can be made from the finest quality materials of your choice. There are a range of styles to help to make your fitted bedroom a true one-off.

Individual examples of bedroom furniture made-to-measure include bedroom storage, bedside tables, chests of drawers, dressing tables and wardrobes. Fitted wardrobes stand from floor to ceiling and, if possible, from wall to wall. Beds have small closets and drawers incorporated, and there may even be small drawers in the headboard.

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