Devon, United Kingdom (25 June 2010) – Mailbox Nationwide, leading UK leaflet delivery and flyer distribution specialists, has noticed a larger-than-expected surge in World Cup-related flyer advertising during the 2010 competition.

Retailers are looking to capitalize on the world’s most glamorous sporting event by cutting prices on their products and services. As such they have needed effective ways to advertise themselves, and Mailbox Nationwide has noticed that a popular advertising choice for many businesses during this tournament has been flyer delivery.

Whether promoting the best prices for alcohol, delivering match fixture calendars, promotions for the latest kits, and more, the main method of delivery for many businesses this summer has been through leaflets and flyers. Mailbox Nationwide themselves have been on a heavy course of leaflet distribution for the majority of its core customers and feels that leaflet delivery is one of the best ways for businesses to get their product offers noticed.

“We usually see a trending spike during a national event such as the World Cup, but it seems to be even greater than usual during 2010. Many people seem to have noticed that flyer delivery is a fantastic, cost-effective solution to advertise their business and are taking full advantage,” commented a spokesperson for Mailbox Nationwide. “We’ve been very busy this summer and feel it’ll continue throughout the autumn months, leading into Christmas as people look for more affordable advertising methods as we come out of recession. We can help to promote your business through fast, effective leaflet and flyer delivery at Mailbox Nationwide.”

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Mailbox Nationwide is one of the largest independently owned leaflet distribution companies in the United Kingdom. Mailbox Nationwide delivers to all areas of the United Kingdom when distributing clients’ flyers and leaflets through the use of mosaic demographic profiling. Mailbox Nationwide has a variety of distribution methods including Solus Leaflet Distribution and Shared Leaflet Distribution.

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