Surrey, United Kingdom (20 August 2010) – Developer GlobalCAD announces the latest update to its integrated solution for landscape designers and architects.

GlobalCAD has released LandARCH 2011, its flagship product, boasting compatibility with all AutoCAD-based software and now Bricscad Pro.

Darren Bond, product manager, coordinates software development at GlobalCAD. “LandARCH has given AutoCAD users compelling tools to aid external architecture and land planning, and we’re excited to be offering the same functionality for Bricscad Pro.”

LandARCH is designed to boost productivity and is a major step forward in landscape design software. It includes 2D/3D design libraries, cost estimating and bill of material (BOM) tools, hatch pattern and complex linetype libraries, and authoring tools.

Its range of features includes enhanced 3D model libraries that can be rendered directly within AutoCAD/Bricscad Pro or exported to rendering programs such as 3DS Max. Coupled with LandARCH’s range of 3D landscaping libraries, the software boasts stunning internal architectural libraries including office and home furniture, accessories, kitchen fittings, and sanitary items.

LandARCH’s terrain modeling tools enable the instant creation of 3D surface terrains – with mesh and solids options – covering vast areas from almost any existing 2D or 3D survey data. By simply selecting all survey points in your drawing, whether constructed from simple line-work, markers, or blocks – LandARCH can intelligently and accurately build the 3D terrain model.

LandARCH supports AutoCAD 2000-2011 including 32-bit and 64-bit versions and Bricscad Pro V10. The software is available from $549 for a single license from A free-to-download 30-day trial version is also available.

About GlobalCAD:

GlobalCAD was founded in January 1999 in England, UK. Through its development and distribution of award-winning add-ons for AutoCAD and Bricscad Pro, GlobalCAD enables design professionals to maximize their productivity during the design and drafting process.


Darren Bond, Product Manager


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