10/12/2012- Businesses can improve their marketing success with the help of data cleansing from Qbase.

Data cleansing from Qbase has been specially designed to assist businesses in reducing the cost of their marketing mailings, improving their response rates, and furthering the reach of their direct marketing to ensure that their campaigns are much more successful overall.

Using data cleansing allows companies to achieve much better marketing results because the data they work from is always fresh. In the world of data marketing, nothing stays the same for very long and Qbase realizes this. That is why they offer data cleansing which really makes an impact.

With their data cleansing service, they offer to fully clean a business’s data, using a range of techniques, from merging duplicate records and updating records to removing companies who are no longer interested in receiving communications and those who have sadly passed on.

The Qbase data cleansing service is operated online, with a user-friendly interface, for the ultimate in convenience, and is also extremely competitively priced. The company is able to handle all data cleansing projects, no matter how big or small, and offers a bespoke service to all clients, putting customer service first in all they do, making them the UK data cleansing company to do business with.

About Qbase.net:
Qbase was founded in the UK in 1990. It started out as a company that maintained and compiled UK databases for the purposes of marketing. After its initial success, the company moved on to bigger and better things, including the world of data management. They have assisted countless businesses in streamlining their data management, creating useful software applications which help businesses to better manage the data side of their companies.

Qbase has stated that their main aims are to assist their clients in improving efficiency, making savings, and implementing new procedures which can help them to improve their marketing campaigns significantly and, so far, they have had a great deal of success in fulfilling their goals.

Qbase Data Services
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Warrington, UK
Zip: WA1 1HL
Tel: 01925 644 800
Website: http://www.qbase.net/datacleanse/