England – 8/3/2013 – Western Lift Trucks, the Bath-based supplier of warehouse equipment is noted for its expertise and swift response times

The warehouse equipment retailer Western Lift Trucks is a notable source of forklift parts Bath and has a high number of fully-trained experts on its books. The company offers regular training to its staff to ensure that the standards that are on offer remain high, and that new developments in forklift technology can be catered for. It’s essential that forklift trucks are regularly maintained in order to ensure that they remain at the peak of their power.

By taking care of trucks, organizations can ensure that Health and Safety obligations are being taken care of. Regular servicing can help businesses to attend to faults before they worsen, helping them to be identified at the earliest opportunity. Scheduled maintenance helps businesses to avoid costly downtime and to continue to operate at the peak of their powers. Western Lift Trucks is one of the leading truck supply and maintenance companies in the Bath area.

The company offers constant support to its customers to ensure that its products can continue to be of the utmost help. Problems can be attended to as soon as they occur, with a swiftly-responsive support team able to eliminate problems and administer solutions at very short notice.

The company boasts an unrivaled standard of response

Western Lift Trucks takes equipment breakdown very seriously, so if problems are reported, they are instantly prioritized. Mobile engineers operate from vans equipped with a comprehensive series of tools that can be used to reverse any problem with a truck. The staff is located in various areas within the South West of England, meaning that they are able to arrive at location quickly for efficient response. In the vast majority of cases, staff members can arrive on site within two hours, though in many cases arrival can take place within just one hour.

Engineers can usually identify the parts that they need to solve your problem before they reach the required location. That’s because the Customer Service Control Team is staffed by highly experienced team members that have been responsible for solving an array of forklift-based problems. Western Lift Trucks is one of the leading sources of forklift parts and trucks in the South East of England.

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