England – 11/12/2012- UK businesses requiring high-quality asbestos training for staff should consider using accredited asbestos training from UK consultancy ‘REC CHSS Ltd’.

Many companies in the UK regularly employ people who, as part of their everyday duties, could come into contact with or disturb materials containing asbestos. Any people who fall into this category are required by law to receive suitable training before working with asbestos. Not doing so is against the terms of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 legislation and could lead to prosecution. For these companies in the UK, high-quality asbestos training is available from experienced UK health and safety consultancy ‘REC CHSS Ltd’.

These BOHS-accredited training courses are available from ‘REC Corporate Health and Safety Services Ltd’, more commonly known as ‘REC CHSS’. REC CHSS is part of one of the UK’s leading health, safety, and environmental consultancies. All asbestos training courses are practical, solution-driven courses designed to equip delegates of different levels with the necessary skills to work with asbestos.

Benefits of asbestos training courses from REC CHSS Ltd

All asbestos training courses available from ‘REC CHSS Ltd comply with the Control of Asbestos (CAR 2012) Regulations; this ensures all delegates who undergo asbestos training remain safe and work within the legal requirements. In addition to high-quality training courses, REC has purpose-built, state-of-the-art training facilities in Manchester, Cardiff, Plymouth, Swindon, and Glasgow and also provides delegates with cost-effective in-house training courses where necessary.

All workers liable to disturb asbestos during their normal working duties should be suitably trained so that they can recognize asbestos-containing materials and know what action to take should they come across them. REC has great confidence that all asbestos training courses provide detailed, accredited training, and are fully compliant with the regulations of the relevant legislation.

REC CHSS’s course dates and training locations are flexible and offered around the UK to suit your requirements.

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