County Down, Northern Ireland (August 20, 2010) – Henry Tibbs, a leading supplier of designer gifts for men, presents their new Menu Wine Breather carafe, a unique product invented by wine expert Peter Ørsig for a quick and convenient aeration process.

Henry Tibbs cites that the product is designed for those who like to aerate their wine before they drink it, which usually involves transferring it from the bottle into a carafe, and then leaving it for at least one or two hours for the acidity and bitterness to evaporate, letting the taste and aroma develop, before having to messily transfer it back to the bottle for serving. The Menu Wine Breather enables people to enjoy the wine without having to remove it from the bottle because by attaching it to the bottleneck, the bottle can then be turned upside down to let the wine flow into the carafe, where it is then splashed to aerate, which usually takes around two minutes. After this, the wine should be as fully developed as it would be after months in the bottle, and can be served directly from the carafe or simply poured back into the bottle by turning it upright.

“We are very excited about this fantastic new product, and we know that it will become an essential item in many people’s homes, which will be shown off again and again,” says a spokesperson for Henry Tibbs. “The Menu Wine Breather is a sleek, stylish product that is sure to bring a great deal of pleasure to serious and casual wine enthusiasts alike, providing a better, fuller taste and aroma, and people can also enjoy watching the aeration process as the wine flows into the carafe. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional, unique items at great prices, and this is one of our best wine accessories yet.”

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