England 28/11/2012 – In a challenging job market, finding a good media sales job can be difficult

Every year thousands of graduates leave university with marketing degrees and start looking for their first media sales job. Only a few years ago breaking into the field of media sales was not difficult, there was plenty of work available. Many firms had big sales teams, so did not mind taking on someone with very little actual experience provided they had the right qualifications. Today, this is rarely the case. They now want all of their new recruits to hit the ground running, in all areas of their business, including in their sales team. For someone starting out in the sales industry getting their foot in the door can prove difficult.

However, there are ways of gaining experience whilst studying. Increasingly students are finding ways to fill in the experience part of their CV whilst still at university. This makes them competitive in the job market. In some cases more so, they have better qualifications and experience of working with the latest media such as on-line video marketing and social media something others who have been in media sales for some years still do not have experience of exploiting.

They are gaining their experience in a variety of ways. Some are undertaking marketing roles in their spare time for charities, working on a voluntary basis. Others are working online to pay their bills whilst still at university. Marketing their own business using a variety of sale media gives them some hands on experience that looks good on a CV.

However, by far the best approach is ensuring that any work experience is carried out in a big media firm, in particular in the marketing department. Being prepared to take on an internship to get involved in the industry as soon as possible after graduating also pays dividends.

Using the web to find work
Many begin looking for their first sales media job via specialist job agencies like Sales Target. By posting their CV, the bright candidates can even be offered a job straight from university when they are matched with a firm looking for someone with their qualifications.

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