December 2012 – Whether you wake up with excruciating toothache or something has happened which has caused a tooth to fall out, it stands to reason you are going to want to get help as soon as possible.

The problem with this is that the waiting lists for dental appointments are often long and that’s if you have even been lucky enough to get registered with a dentist. This doesn’t mean that you have to put up with pain for days or weeks, it just seems that you have to look at alternative ways to get help.

If you feel that you have a dental emergency then it is time to look for an emergency dentist in your area. You can either carry out a search online to see who can help or you can ask friends and family for their recommendations, either way, you are likely to find an emergency dentist that can help!

If you live in Hull (or near enough to get there) then the East Hull Dental Centre should be able to help. Whatever the problem and whatever type of treatment you need you will find that their dentists are able to give you the relief you need.  They are an NHS dentist which means that the cost of their treatments is really affordable. On top of that, they offer a new of private services (for example a white filling) so they really are a one-stop shop for the dental care that you need.

For more information on getting help during a dental emergency contact:
East Hull Dental Centre
822 Holderness Road
Hull, UK
Zip: HU9 3LP
Tel: 01482 783611