May 2012 – You may have been contacted recently about reclaiming payment protection insurance (PPI), or you may have seen or heard an advert on the TV or radio for example about payment protection insurance being miss-sold to millions of customers over the last few years. In fact you may well already have even had information pack sent to you through the post about proceeding with your easy PPI reclaim. If you think you have been miss-sold PPI in the past and are entitled to a refund then you should contact a PPI reclaim company now and speak to one of their qualified representatives.

PPI is sold with many types of different financial agreements, like a mortgage for example, and it is there to pay your lender your monthly repayments should you become ill and unable to work. In some cases PPI has been miss-sold to customers without them evening knowing it, or in some cases customers have been forced into buying it even though they didn’t want it.

You can make an easy PPI reclaim on any number of different financial products you were sold in the past, not just the one product as so many people are led to believe. It doesn’t matter if you have policies or loans with two or three different banks, credit card companies or other lenders as you can simply submit a claim form for each separate financial agreement.

If you need help with this then contact the Easy PPI Reclaim company who can help you get back the money you deserve!

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