Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom (24 September, 2010) – 3663 Catering Equipment, part of 3663 the UK’s leading foodservice company, have teamed up with The Safer Food System to offer their customers an exclusive simple and easy way to set up a Food Safety Management System.

What do the largest hotel chains in the world and the local sandwich shop have in common?  Other than both serving food, the one thing they share is that, irrespective of size, both are governed by exactly the same UK laws when it comes to food safety and ‘HACCP’.

‘The Food Hygiene Regulations Act 2006’ – Regulation (EC) No. 852/2004 states that all UK food and drink businesses must put in place a ‘Food Safety Management System’ incorporating HACCP principles, and keep up-to-date records.

Environmental Health Officers are now enforcing this law across the UK and caterers are becoming increasingly aware of the need to implement a Food Safety Management System, especially as the public become more aware.

Catering equipment suppliers 3663 Catering Equipment have teamed up with The Safer Food System to be able to offer The Fastest & Easiest way to set up a Food Safety Management System. This is now available for all their customers.

This exclusive-to 3663 Catering Equipment deal means 3663 Catering Equipment are proactively helping caterers with a solution that has been hard to find until now.

Ignoring this pre-requisite for operating any food or drink business is no longer an option.

What is HACCP and a Food Safety Management System?

HACCP stands for ‘Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point’, and forms the backbone of a Food Safety Management System.

However, HACCP is just a part of a Food Safety Management System (FSMS), and it is this complete system that an Environmental Health Officer will be looking for when they visit a caterer.

How can someone get a Food Safety Management System?

1.       Ask a local Environmental Health Officer. People can ask their local EHO to help implement a system. The average time required will be 7 hours, so basically people will need to allow an EHO total access to their business for at least 7 hours! Time is a problem for most businesses and they will also need to allow for follow-up calls to check implementation.

2.       Attend a 3 to 4 day, face-to-face course. This will provide people with all the information they need, however, it is an expensive option and they will have to spend at least 3 days away from their business, stuck in a classroom. They will be provided with all the information, but they will still have to set up a working system. There will probably be no follow-up help or support, unless they pay.

3.       Use an online downloadable Food Safety Management System & learning/support package in-one. Utilising the benefits of a face-to-face course; (guidance and knowledge from real food experts, who understand what an EHO is looking for). A fully downloadable system provides all the forms, process flow charts, HACCP plans, frequently asked questions and help guides people need to implement a Food Safety Management System. Combine this with the time freedom of an on-line product. People can work at their own speed, when they want to. It is their choice to determine when and where they work, they do not have to spend days out of their business.

What should people do to set a system up?

One option could be “The Safer Food System”, now available exclusively from foodservice equipment vendor 3663 Catering Equipment.  It’s the Fastest & Easiest way to set up a Food Safety Management System that incorporates HACCP principles.

It has great real benefits, and some of these are:
1. Complying with UK Law.
2. Reducing waste and increase profit.
3. Minimising the risk of food poisoning.
4. Will satisfy the Environmental Health Officer & safeguard the business.
5. It will improve Scores on the Doors food hygiene rating.

It has been deliberately designed to meet the needs of today’s caterer.

This all sounds complicated!

It may sound and look a daunting prospect, but now it’s really quick and easy.

All people have to do is:

1.     Choose an edition

2.     Log-in online

3.     Watch videos of real food experts

4.     Download all forms

5.     Implement in the business.

It will also provide people with a strong due diligence defence if something goes wrong.

3663 Catering Equipment and “The Safer Food System” are also working closely with Scores on the Doors, the government website that consumers look at, to find the most hygienic places to eat.
Last year over 7 million people looked at this site, www.ScoresOnDoors.org.uk.

Having a working Food Safety Management System in place, is going to get a caterer a higher star rating, along with being busier and more profitable.

The Safer Food System™ is designed to ultimately help people provide “safe food to the public”.

About East GB Ltd and “The Safer Food System™”:

East GB were formed in 2005 and are leading food safety training experts and developers of ‘The Safer Food System™’, a unique product that helps food businesses get ahead & deal with legislation.

Principal Directors are Marcus Kilvington and Nick Eastwood who have spent a total of 40 years working for companies ranging from medium-sized family run to Top 5 Multi-Nationals.
Each having spent several years as trainers within Multi-Nationals, (Unilever Bestfoods, Tetley, Burton`s Foods, English Provender Company, Billingtons, Hall & Woodhouse Brewery), developing various courses in communication, learning and customer service training etc.

East GB is an accredited centre with both The Royal Society for Public Health and EDI, providing qualifications in Food Safety at all levels including Intermediate and Advanced.

Please contact either director on:

Nick Eastwood             0115 972 0748               07967-963623

Marcus Kilvington           0115 972 0748               07977-126997

For more information about 3663 Catering Equipment’s range of products please visit www.3663cateringequipment.co.uk

3663 Catering Equipment is part of 3663.

About 3663:

With over 1.84 million square feet of high quality storage in 31 depots across the country, 3663 deliver to over 50,000 clients including pubs, cafes, restaurants, clubs, schools, hospitals and government departments. With current active involvement with business excellence organisations Quality Scotland and the British Quality Foundation, and a certified Environment Management System in the Transport, Storage and Communication areas across the whole company, 3663 are the UK’s leading foodservice company.


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