England – 18/08/2011Breaking into the fitness industry just became a whole lot easier with the launch of CMS Fitness Courses distance learning.

The fitness industry is still growing despite the recession. The pressure is on to look good and stay young for longer and staying fit is an important part of this process. On top of that people are more aware of their health and realise that to stay well they have to exercise. This is the main reason that demand for fitness instructors continues to grow at an amazing rate making fitness courses very popular.

The majority of the fitness industry’s trainers and instructors have worked their way through college and are qualified to teach many forms of exercise. However, because demand is outstripping the current pool of college qualified instructors many gyms are now looking for people with more basic qualifications, which is where CMS Fitness Courses come in. They offer fitness courses that are suitable for people only just entering the industry and their training is designed to enable people to qualify as fitness instructors without having to give up their current job to do so.

Distance Learning Fitness Courses

The way in which this is achieved is that the majority of the course material is physically sent to the student in the form of DVDs and course books. The student studies this material at their own speed meaning that if they can only study in the evening or at weekends this is not a problem. They can work at their own pace, but have a limited time frame of between 3 and 9 months in which to complete the distance learning portion of the course.

During the distance learning phase of the course each student is supported by their own tutor ensuring that they are equipped to complete the course successfully and on time. Once the distance learning is complete the student finishes their course by attending vocational training to gain practical experience. However, so the student can carry on with their day job, all practical training takes place at weekends.

So if you want a new career take a look at the fitness courses available at www.cmsfitnesscourses.co.uk. There is literally nothing stopping you from joining the lucrative fitness industry.


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