England 06/04/2013 – Most firms know how to stand out and be noticed, but not many realize the importance of ongoing customer engagement

When it comes to digital marketing, Manchester businesses have plenty of agencies to choose from. However, the service and expertise they provide are often not the same. Some digital agencies will only specialize in natural search marketing, ensuring companies rank well in search engines. This is an important factor of a digital marketing strategy but shouldn’t be the sole requirement. Something companies are beginning to realize.

It is one thing to convert a prospect into a customer who has completed a sale, but it is another challenge to retain that customer and drive further sales. Companies that engage effectively with prospects and customers generate more interest in the company and products or services, leading to increased sales a result.

However, continued engagement is found to encourage repeat sales. Companies that segment customer data to highlight trends and patterns and engage with them using this data can increase engagement and response rates. Utilizing this allows a brand to stay at the forefront of its customer’s minds, increasing the possibility of conversions for a similar product or service.

Digital marketing provides companies with various ways to engage regularly and effectively with their customers. The best digital marketing companies provide advice and guidance on strategies to engage their customers using digital marketing techniques. Online there are lots of ways for companies to engage with their customers via their website, social media, mobile marketing, video, and email.

Videos, brochures, mobile marketing, and social media

Companies that communicate with their prospects and customers across multiple platforms are usually the most effective at driving sales. Everyone responds differently, so those companies using a range of mediums will generally reach a wider audience.

Monitor Creative offer digital marketing services in Manchester. They are a full-service marketing agency providing its clients with a full suite of services across advertising, branding, design, digital, and marketing. Their approach and methods are constantly evolving to keep pace with new technology and changing consumer habits.


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