27/11/2012- The CV database at CWJobs.co.uk is the perfect place to find your latest recruit for less.

CWJobs.co.uk maintains a database that contains more than 350,000 CVs and profiles from IT professionals who are seeking new challenges. They offer businesses that are looking to recruit the opportunity to browse this CV’s in their own time, in order to find the perfect candidate for their vacancy.

All of the professionals who have submitted their CVs to the CV database at CWJobs.co.uk have given their permission to be contacted by recruiters who think that they may be the right person for the job, so recruiters can save a lot of time and money by simply buying access to the database.

CWJobs.co.uk offers their clients flexible access to their CV database, so it can be used as and when needed. For one day’s access to the database, companies can expect to pay only £190 and for a whole week, it will cost them £250, which is very competitive when you consider that CW Jobs has one of the UK’s largest CV databases specializing in IT recruitment.

Anyone who uses the database for specialist IT recruitment purposes is able to search uploaded CVs freely; they can also browse user profiles and are able to email registered users who they are interested in employing.

Candidates are regularly emailed by the company which allows them to ensure that their database is up to date so that they can offer only fresh and interested candidates to their business and recruitment clients. This can eliminate the need to advertise a job publicly.

One happy client said: “The CV database is an invaluable tool for reaching candidates that may not have seen our adverts but have all the right skills. A great all-around service which I would have no hesitation in recommending.”

About CW Jobs:

CW Jobs is the UK’s leading IT recruitment specialist website. They reach an estimated 437,000 It candidates each and every month and generate almost 300,000 applications each month, which means that they are one of the most successful IT recruitment companies currently operating online.

CW Jobs
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