London, United Kingdom (22 October 2010)Ecospace, a London-based architectural company, have been traveling the world to research innovative new materials and design methods for their range of buildings and sustainable housing projects.

Ecospace partners visited Switzerland and New York to gain insight into prospective new techniques and materials which will help them advance the quality of their wide range of modular buildings. The trip to Switzerland involved research into innovative uses of timber in construction, to ensure that Ecospace can stay ahead of the curve and keep bringing the latest products to the market. The research conducted will help Ecospace’s buildings to continually evolve in their design, cost, and construction methods.

The visit to New York focused on the best use of confined urban spaces, which will help Ecospace’s contemporary architects to better understand the logistics of designing modular buildings and sustainable housing for more challenging and restrictive areas.

“These research trips were essential to ensure that we can continue to supply the most cutting-edge designs and construction methods,” says a spokesperson for Ecospace. “As we are committed to producing innovative sustainable housing, it is vital that we understand the changes which are not only occurring now but also lie ahead. Both trips provided fascinating insights which will allow continued growth not only as architects but also to maintain our position as the leading source for ethically-sourced, sustainable housing.”

For more information on Ecospace and their garden housing, visit their website or telephone 020 7703 4004.

About Ecospace:

Committed to reducing the UK’s carbon footprint without compromise, London-based company Ecospace creates aesthetic living spaces either to client specifications or based upon modular building designs. With a team of qualified architects, they are able to design and create any innovative concept, whether their clients require a garden room, home workplace, or spacious eco home. Established for a decade, Ecospace’s aim is simply to create sustainable, economical buildings at fixed prices to suit any requirements.


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