England – 17/6/13 – CSLDual.com offers a comprehensive business and home security solution

Customers throughout the world are currently discovering and enjoying the many benefits of enjoying an internet alarm from CSLDual.com.

Intruder and fire alarms have been a staple part of business and home security for many years now and although they have provided many with peace of mind as well as physical life and property saving, there are limits to what can be done with a traditional wall set alarm.

Modern technology from CSLDual.com
The benefits of an internet alarm from CSLDual.com are numerous. Using the latest technology these state-of-the-art intruder alarms give all the benefits which residential property owners and business owners might be able to expect of a traditional alarm, including panic buttons, door and window sensors, and movement detectors, together with one huge benefit – they work online!

Adding an online element to a real-world property alarm has immediate advantages over traditional alarms.

First is the instant alert. Because the device is linked to the owner via the internet, said the owner can expect to receive an instant alert to any problem – via their home computer or smartphone.

Of course, what works one way also works in the other, and further the online alerts, the internet alarm also gives users the ability to set and disable their alarm remotely, simply by programming it through their computer program or app.

For the many already enjoying the benefit, the remote access to the control allows the advantage of never spending an evening worrying if the alarm was actually set, which means never having to make an additional journey to check or disable an accidental switch-on, especially in the event of a power cut or shortage which might trigger the alarm with no actual threat.

The prospect of an internet alarm might sound too good to be true, but with more and more people enjoying the ease, freedom, and peace of mind it can bring, it seems little wonder that so many people are investigating the many benefits they could receive.

For more information on the numerous advantages of the internet alarm from CSLDual.com, contact CSLDual today.

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