England 08/05/2013 – This year’s poor weather has meant that many gardeners have delayed planting

This winter has been particularly bad for gardeners; it has been wet and long. As a result, many UK gardeners have had to delay their planting. This has made the trading environment difficult for garden centers, and online plant traders like Flower Bulbs Inc.

However, there are signs that UK gardeners have not abandoned their gardens entirely. Sales are picking up, now that the weather has broken, as more gardeners get out there and plant new flowers, hedges, and vegetables.

Many are planning to plant more bulbs later in the year. The price of cut flowers, like daffodils, has been up by over 50% this year, so many people have decided that, in 2014, they want to have their own daffs to pick and decorate their homes.

The fact that more children are getting involved in gardening is also helping to drive demand for bulbs. Parents are increasingly encouraging their children to get involved in gardening at an early age. More and more schools are adding gardening to their curriculum. The hardiness of bulbs means that even very young children can handle and plant them.

Because they can be planted in pots and containers even people without gardens can give their children the chance to experience planting and caring for something. For a small child, watching something they planted grow into a beautiful flower is a very exciting and absorbing experience.

Increasing Choice is also Driving the Demand
The online bulb retailer Flower Bulbs Inc. has seen demand for its products grow steadily. They started out selling bulbs in Holland, but their business really took off once they expanded and opened dedicated, German, UK, and French websites. From the start, they had a policy of adding new varieties and products to keep what they had to offer fresh and interesting. This policy worked particularly well for them in the UK, where being able to buy rarer varieties is especially appreciated. Realistically, they can expect UK sales to grow again in 2013.

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