lets you create your own unique all in one sleepsuits for adults with a selection of fleeces and by adding a choice of extras like pockets, hoods, and cozy toes.

London, UK June 14th 2011 — Finding the right pyjamas or nightgown can prove a challenge and everybody has different requirements from the items they wear at night. Some people prefer to have their toes covered with extra warm fleece while others enjoy having their heads covered by similar high quality fabric. One thing that most people have in common is that they have to be comfortable and warm to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Comfort clothing, like onesies or all in one sleepsuits for adults are perfect for use at home or while you’re away. They can provide a more comfortable alternative to turning the heating up high and closing all the windows and they’re not only useful for sleeping either. They can be a great comfort when you’re just sat around watching TV and they can be easily taken in the car, on the bus, or in luggage while on holiday. is a leading provider of comfort clothing and they offer a range of high quality onesies and other fleece based comfort clothing. Huggies can be designed by the individual to match their preferences in comfort. They can choose from a selection of anti-pil fleece fabric designs in plain, coloured, or patterned designs. Then, the consumer can add additional elements like hoods or cozy toes to provide precisely the type of comfort huggie they’re looking for.

Other similar items include hugrugs which are effectively fleece blankets with arms. They have proven especially popular for reading or sitting and watching TV because they not only keep the individual warm but they offer an easy method to turn pages or grab the remote without getting out from under the blanket. offers one of the most extensive catalogues of comfort clothing for both kids and adults with items like onesies as well as hugseperates which offer the same customisation and comfort but come as separate trousers and tops. There are also many other similar items found on the website.