England 16/08/2012- The trend for people to rent property has resulted in demand for landlord services increasing drastically in most parts of the UK

During a recession, most businesses suffer and see a fall off in demand. However, of course, there are also winners. Some services and products are needed more in a recession. For example, access to short-term loans and cheap clothing. If you stop and think for a minute or two it is surprising how long the list of companies that could benefit from a recession would be. However, practically last on the list would be landlord services. Yet demand has not only gone up for this service it has actually soared. There are several reasons for this.

The main reason is that more and more people are having to rent their home rather than buy one. Even current homeowners are having to give up their properties and move into rented accommodation. For property owners this is very good news indeed, because it means more of their properties are being occupied.

However, it also means that those properties have to be more closely managed. Whilst it is true that even an empty building needs some degree of management, one that is occupied requires much  more work.

Most individuals who own property as an investment do not manage it themselves. In many cases, they have full-time jobs and may not even live close to the property they own. Therefore, they employ agents who provide the full range of landlord services.

Most property owners require full landlord services

It is those firms, like Rent The House, who are getting the lion’s share when it comes to new business. They offer a full landlord service, which includes everything including finding a tenant, organising annual inspections to keep the property legal, and preparing the property for the next tenant. This service allows landlords to be one hundred percent hands off, which is the only viable way for many property owners to run their investment properties. Modern properties have to meet several safety criteria, so employing an agent who does the extras such as arranging annual safety inspections is important.


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