Stockport, United Kingdom (June 23rd, 2010)- The trial of the boss of an Aberdeen plumbing company accused of breaching health and safety laws should make employers take note of the steps they can take to avoid industrial accidents such as this tragic case. Apprentice plumber Michael Scott was only 18 in December 2006 when he was crushed to death at work by falling MDF boards.

A spokesperson from commented following the recent adjournment of the trial: “Statistics show that young employees, in particular, are more susceptible to work accidents. However whatever the age of a worker carrying out some simple steps can help to prevent such tragic occurrences. In evidence heard by the Court, it emerged that Michael had been working alone and unsupervised and had been sent his instructions that morning by means of a text from his boss. Although this case is taking place in a Scottish Court the wider principles apply to cases in England and Wales”

Employers should ensure that:

  • Instructions are clear and are given out in person or in writing
  • Young or junior staff should be under adequate supervision at all times
  • A risk assessment should be carried out, particularly when the role involves any  lifting/carrying of heavy materials
  • Heavy or bulky equipment or materials should be safely stored
  • Store rooms and warehouses must be checked daily and no task involving manual handling should be undertaken until someone with experience has assessed the safest way of performing the task

All employers have a duty of care to their employees and although the outcome of this trial is yet unknown it would seem that there are already lessons to be learned.” is the online presence of Davies and Company Solicitors of Stockport a specialist firm of solicitors that was established in 1998 and has a successful track record in handling work accident claims.

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