Derbyshire, United Kingdom (1st November 2012) – Central Helicopters, a leading UK-based provider of helicopter services for business purposes, aerial photography, weddings, and other occasions, has received planning permission to relocate to new premises.

Central Helicopters has been based at Tollerton Airfield – also known as Nottingham City Airport – for the past five years, but now they have been granted permission to construct a new base at Broughton Lodge Farm in Fosse Way, Upper Broughton. Whilst Central Helicopters and Nottingham City Airport have enjoyed a mutually-beneficial working relationship over the years, the company felt that they needed a permanent base as opposed to further leasing.

While Central Helicopters had previously applied for planning permission in Broughton, there was some resistance from the planning committee due to the impact the aircraft may have on people’s enjoyment of the area. However, after further investigation, their concerns were appeased, which leaves Central helicopters free to begin building on the site, which is due to commence in spring 2013.

“While we have established a strong relationship with Tollerton Airfield over the past five years, we want to create a permanent base for the future, and our new site has fantastic potential,” a spokesperson for Central Helicopters said. “The heliport and offices we plan to build are being designed to ensure maximum storage for all of our helicopters and a bigger workspace for our team. We want to thank Nottingham City Airport for providing such a fantastic space for so long, and we look forward to creating a brand new home for Central Helicopters!”

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About Central Helicopters:

Central Helicopters, based at Nottingham Airport, offer a wide range of services designed to cover all of their clients’ helicopter requirements. Using their company-owned fleet of aircraft, they provide a variety of helicopter pleasure flights and helicopter tours across the UK as well as conducting trial lessons and pilot training up to the commercial level from their facility at Nottingham Airport. In addition, Central Helicopters also offers a bespoke helicopter charter service for businesses, aerial photography, weddings, and other special occasions.


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