England 12/08/2013 – Increasingly, UK consumers are opting to buy all kinds of things online including products for their DIY projects.

Suppliers of building and decorating materials have seen their online sales soar while their in-store sales have dropped off. More and more people are buying paint online than ever before. They like the fact that they get far more choices and that it is easier to shop around for the exact shade that they are looking for. Price-savvy consumers are also using the internet because they believe it gives them a better chance of getting the best deal, price-wise. It is enabling all types of consumers to buy high-end, good-quality paints rather than having to settle for cheaper versions, which do not produce such good results. Many consumers also like the fact that they are able to buy the same paints those in the decorating trade use.

More professional painters and decorators are opting to go online for their materials. Doing so is allowing them to secure the best-priced materials and is also saving them time. There are able to get on with the job knowing that the materials that they have just ordered are on the way. Professional painters no longer need to waste time and fuel traveling backward and forward to a physical decorating store. There is the added benefit of being able to sit down with the customer and choose the paint and other decorating materials together. The fact that the decorator is able to stay on the job at all times also helps the customers to feel confident that they are getting value for money from their painter.

Everything in one place
The best online paint stores such as the Dulux Decorator Centre have built their website primarily with people who work in the painting and decorating trades in mind. They have turned their website into a one-stop shop for professional painters. On their site, it is possible to buy everything from masking tape to ladders and platforms as well as good quality paints at a competitive price.

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