England 25/11/2012- LDAG’s alternative investment opportunities are appealing to a huge range of investors

LDAG specializes in alternative investments. They offer a huge range of investment vehicles. For years, they have been working to provide people with ways to spread the risk, by offering people the chance to invest in things like student accommodation, a range of land, hotel rooms, property bonds, self-storage pods, and below-value property in other parts of the world. They have never been as busy as they are now.

In the UK, and many other parts of the world, investors have grown increasingly frustrated with the lack of return from traditional investment sources. Savings accounts and pension schemes are not offering any real returns and finding good stocks to invest in is also proving difficult. Many investors do not have the experience and confidence to invest in commodities. Not all investors can afford to or want to, invest in property to rent out.

There is money to be made in this area with rents in many parts of the UK continuing to rise. However, investing in property usually requires an investor to have a lot of money to invest. Many properties need restoring before an investor gets any returns on their money. Even then, the returns on the rented property are slow to come. It takes many years for investors to get back the money they have invested and actually make a profit.

The investments LDAG offer something almost unique in the current economic climate. It is possible to start investing in hotel rooms with as little as £10,000. Investing in student rooms is possible with as little as £30,000.

Assured returns

The thing that is really attractive to investors is the speed and level of return. Returns are far above the average. Returns of 7%-14% are typical. Some investments return much more.

LDAG also offers investments with assured returns. Many of the investment vehicles they offer are commercial rather than residential investments. This means that they can be included in Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) schemes. Investors who include these investment vehicles in SIPP schemes benefit from virtually tax-free returns.


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